16 November 2015

DIAVOLOS "You Lived, Now Die"

Old School Death Metallers DIAVOLOS premiered the title track of their forthcoming debut album "You Lived, Now Die" at InvinsibleOranges.com.  The Band´s full-lenght is set for international release on December 11th via Hells Headbangers.

Here´s a brief bio of the band: 
"Diavolos was formed in early 2014 by Tas Danaz [Satans Wrath, ex-Electric Wizard] and Nik Angelopoulos [ex-Mahakala, ex-Kawir]. They joined forces with Taneli “The Fuck You Man” Jarva [ex-Impaled Nazarene, ex-Sentenced], Kostas S. [Septicemia, Soulskinner, ex-Mahakala], and Bill El [Soulskinner, Thou Art Lord] to spread old-school death metal like a disease. In 2014, they entered the studio to record their debut album, "You Lived, Now Die". The only words the band use to describe their music is TOTAL CHAOS". 

Album tracklist reads as follows:
Diavolos Rising
Come To Salem
Hail All Evil
Piss In Holy Water
You Lived, Now Die
Baptized In Vomit
Curse, Bleed, Die
 Death Metal

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