25 November 2015

PHERETRUM "Still Being Maggots"

PHERETRUM hails from Montevideo, Uruguay. and the band have just released their debut album "Still Being Maggots", self financed and released  on CDR  with pro design [limited to 200 copies] and on tape, limited to 100 handnumbered copies, including one bonus track.

The band was formed in 2009, so far they have released a rehearsal demo,  the 2011 single "Sentenced Until Dying Out" and the 2013 EP "From The Underworlds".   The full-lenght CDR is available for US$ 3 + shipping, More info at www.facebook.com/Pheretrum or pheretrum.bandcamp.com

OldSchool Death Metal maniacs will enjoy PHERETRUM...labels and distros...put an eye on this band! Here is the album promo clip...  

No Trace Of Sanity
Mass Acceptance
Death Metal To The Grave
The Path To Your Pheretrum
Terror Reigns
Sentenced Until Dying Out
Betrayers Of Occult Wisdom
Forever Chaos


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