5 January 2018

SUMMON To release debut full-length "Parazv Il Zilittv"

After the release of the  great "Aesthetics Of Demise" EP released last year, Iron Bonehead productions sets April 20th as release date for SUMMON´s debut LP "Parazv Il Zilittv".

"A swirling, sulfurous mass of molten Death/Doom, "Aesthetics of demise" was aptly titled, but on the fuller and more fleshed-out "Parazv Il Zilittv", the trio both dive deeper into the murk and emerge into clearer dimensions. By no means do Summon here abandon their expertly crafted monolith of Death/Doom, but they largely (and wisely) leave behind the obfuscating murk which has become so de rigueur (read: TRENDY) in the millennial Metal underground. Instead, each passage patiently unfolds and establishes its intended texture, terrorizing the mind and body with oppressive physical/spiritual weight - even (and especially) when stripped back to foggy, tension-inducing mist. The consequently linear songwriting soon works its sepulchral magick, as lurching 'n' lumbering riffs are stretched into hammering trances, sending undulating waves of absolute ritualism deep into the listener's core. Which is all to say nothing of the production on "Parazv Il Zilittv", which somehow manages to make Summon sound creepier despite the clearer and more cutting recording style."

But better than words is the music itself, take a look at the album title track... 

Whisper Of The Black Moon
Howling Graves
Cvlt Of Abomination
Shapes Of Darkness Transcending
Below Death Splendovr
Parazv Il Zilittv
Impetvovs Sacrifice of Thy Womb
In Odorem Mortis
...From Beyond

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