19 January 2018

MASTER´S HAMMER Reveal details & release date for "Fascinator"

Every time MASTER´S HAMMER announces the release of a new album, it is quite an event for me, so being a big fan of the Czech masters I am delighted to know that the release date for “Fascinator” will be February 10th 2108.

"It is the first recording after the live reincarnation in Spring 2017, made by live musicians, namely: Kapák on drums, Blackosh and Storm (also singer) on guitars, Ramus on bass and Silenthell on tympans. Mr. Necrocock created his choirs and harmonies."

The previous album was not entirely satisfying to me compared to “Vagus Vetus or “Vracejte Konve Na Místo”;  it looks like “Fascinator” is a return to the old style of the early albums, so I'll risk saying that this will be one of the best albums of the year. Even more after haven listened to all the tracks unveiled so far, the last one revealed is the album title track, excellent! "Klaní se velikému Fascinátoru!" 


             PH: Jiří Štarha

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