4 September 2017

NOCTURNUS A.D. Reveal news about upcoming album!

Mike Browning revealed exiting news regarding NOCTURNUS A.D. new material. The band is working on a new full-length and some of the songs are already finished and recorded (in demo form).
Those songs will be mixed and mastered to then take several clips and put out a 4 to 5 minute teaser video, to be released in a few weeks.

Another interesting detail revealed by Mike refers to the lyrics…”There are 4 songs that will connect and continue with The Key story (from Andromeda Strain to Empire of The Sands on The Key) and 1 song that continues with the timeline of Neolithic and there will be 1 song that will complete the Lake of Fire/ Standing in Blood trilogy as well and a couple other stand alone songs in the vein of the sci-fi/horror style that Nocturnus was known for”.

The band is considering the appropriate choice of the label that will release the album, since a few ones have shown interest already, in the meantime we can see a few stills from the teaser video…

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