5 September 2017

COMMUNION To release debut full-lenght and second album!

Chilean Black/Death metallers COMMUNION sing with Hell Headbangers and the label announced the release of two full-lenghts, their debut album "At The Announcement" to be released by The Sinister Flame but distributed by Hells headbangers; and the second album "The Communion" to be released exclusively by Hells Headbangers. Both albums will be released on CD, LP and cassette tape formats.

The band released a few demos, singles and one EP so far and now the will release both albums simultaneously, but before that, COMMUNION will be touring North America with Chilean fellows Slaughtbbath.

Stay tuned for more info about release date and preorder, now listent to and enjoy "Witching Trust" taken from "The Communion" and "Secret Rites" from the debut album "At The Announcement". Full tracklisting of both albums below...

“The Communion” Tracklisting:
Intro 1
Glorify the Dark
Intro 2
Crush the Atheism
Embrace Cruelty’s Flame
Witching Thrust
Fire Worship
Funeral of Mercy
Bloody Butcher

 “At the Announcement” Tracklisting
Impalement to Destroy
Intro 1
Secret Rites
Intro 2
At the Announcement
Enthroned Inquisition
Consecrated to the Abyss
Castigation Ceremonious Verses
Plague Outbreaks
Last Ordeal

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