28 July 2017

ORACULUM "Always Higher" EP

September 15th is the international release date for Always Higher” the brand-new mini-album of Chilean old school death metallers ORACULUM.

The EP Will be out via Invictus Productions, and the labe has launched the andvance track “Lex Talionis”, check it out after an excerpt of the press info, as well as the tracklisting…

"Always Higher" stands as a fierce manifestation of the primeval evil in man, bringing the principle of the conqueror as the true holder of wisdom, power and conviction. Serving as an essential pillar in a world where the lack of spirit fools the sheep with hollow intentions and nothing valuable transcends.
Let the Death Metal hierarchy overwhelm the weak.  We bow to none!"

Lex Talionis
Semper Excelsius

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