28 July 2017

NECROMANTE "The Magikal Presence Of Occult Forces"

“The Magickal Presence Of Occult Forces” is the title of the debut álbum of NECROMANTE, an occult and powerful trio hailing from Brazil.

Over the course of the 41 minutes of the álbum, influences of the likes of Sarcofago, Vulcano, Sextrash, Mystifier, and Impurity can be found, but beyond that the music is described as “Raw and red-blooded yet utterly clear in its execution, the album swirls together martial blasts of bestial drums, sorcerous heavy metal leads, contrapuntal bass-work, and frequent interludes of eerie acoustics." 

The band was formed in 2007 and have released a couple demos, a mini-album, and a live album. The Full-length will be released on October 6th via Iron Bonehead Productions on CD and vinyl.

Here´s one of the álbum tracks, “Baphomet Movement”

In the Wings of the Dark Mother (part 1)
Secret Eye
Nekrokosmick Pentagram
Occult Cult
A'arab Zaraq
Prelude to Movement...
Baphomet Movement
Enuma Elish

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