9 June 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: POISON "Hölle Und Vernichtung" Boxset

Yes yes yes!!! "Hölle und vernichtung - Complete discography 1984-1987"   “All the existing POISON recordings from 1984 to 1987 + an extensive choice of unreleased material, over 5 hours of pure infernal Armageddon”…count me in!

F.O.A.D. Records will release all this in a special box set. As I love to hear (and read) the nusicians´ own words about their work, let me reproduce some comments from Uli "Angel Of Death" Hildenbrand, taken from F.O.A.D. Records release info, talking about this special release:
"When F.O.A.D. Records contacted me the first time to discuss the posibility of a complete re-release of all those ancient tapes, I basically thought they were nuts - and told them so - however; through sheer tenacity they managed to convince me that it was about time for a really professional overworking of the material - hence the re-release of the first 3 demos and now THIS: basically everything you always wanted to know about POISON but were afraid to ask for! Seriously; this box has it all - the best sounding -material available, all lovingly remastered and re-designed (with a little help from yours truly); all of it taken from the original masters, some of it never released before! Even I myself was amazed by the results - which is something that happens very rarely - so, if you are a fan and you want to experience the story of the band from the beginning to end, here is your perfect time machine! So if you´re ready for some 5-6 hours of poisonous pleasures - IMMERSE YOURSELF"  Hell yeah!!!

Now the detailed info about what the label calls “This Monster”; it comes in an embossed deluxe box and includes 5 x LPs, 2 x digipack CDs and a 60 page hard cover book collecting all their existing photos, flyers, artworks, ‘zine excerpts and more! Every recording has been ripped from the master-tapes provided by the band and maniacally restored and remastered.

LP1 : “Into the abyss” (remastered by Uli Hildenbrand)
LP 2+3 (gatefold) : Full 1986 Live set in rehearsal (previously unreleased)
LP 4 : The First Gig 1985: “Live Terror” (extended version featuring the complete show, as the ’80s cassette edition wasn’t complete)
LP 5 : Final Gig 1987 and earliest rehearsals 1984 (previously unreleased, including songs that were completely unknown to date)
CD 1 : “Sons Of Evil” Demo 1984 + 5 unreleased tracks from rehearsals 1984 (also including a Venom cover)
CD 2 : “Bestial Death” Demo 1985 + “Awakening Of The Dead” Demo 1986

There is a diehard editon on splatter vinyl with extra backpatch and A! poster limited to 150 copies. Black vinyl limited to 350 copies.  Run like hell and get it…right here.

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