6 June 2017


A New PARADISE LOST on the way! "Medusa" is the title of the upcoming full-lenght to be released on 1st September through Nuclear Blast.
Besides the album title the band revealed cover artwork, created by Branca Studios, showing “the infamous gorgone, Medusa, from Greek mythology, carrying venomous snakes as hair and turning everyone into stone who would dare to look into her eyes.”
On the press release, Greg Mackintosh and Nick Holmes shared the following comments regarding “Medusa”:

Greg Mackintosh: "Whilst we were writing »Medusa« and realising what the new songs were becoming, we had to find an artist to reflect this direction. After searching around for a while, I found Branca Studios. They have a keen eye for design and their modern take on retro artwork really fit the bill. What they have come up with is a blending of colourful yet retro styling, whilst maintaining the classic PARADISE LOST feel."
Nick Holmes: "I was intrigued about a greater meaning and thinking more along the lines of what Medusa represents metaphorically. Medusa as a title works in many ways. From a nihilist perspective, when I read the description of 'medusa' on the wikipedia page: 'Attempts to avoid looking into Medusa's eyes represents avoiding the ostensibly depressing reality that the universe is meaningless' - the title was pretty much in the bag!" 

Look forward for an advance track soon, stay tuned...

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