13 March 2017


Yeaaaarrrgggh, South American Death-Thrash as it best! SCHIZOPHRENIC DEATH from Canelones Uruguay, featuring members of Pheretrum have just released the debut recording "Demo I" via Extreme Resurrection Records.

Here is a brief bio of the band:  "Schizophrenic Death co-existed with Pheretrum as side project from Vik and schizophedeath (Federico) in late 2013 ceasing its activity at the end of 2014. Meanwhile in late 2016 plague lord created a band named Nuclear Hell with Schizophedeath, both producing Extreme Resurrecion zine and also running Extreme Resurrection Records. While working in Nuclear Hell the need of a bassist was imminent so Vik took that place, already working with her in Pheretrum the convergence was direct. Then... Vik and Federico thought that could be a good moment to play the three tracks they had from Schizophrenic Death adding plague lord as bassist. That's when the Schizophrenic Death demo started being recorded. Schizophrenic Death performed in two concerts where "Mí testamento" track was played, a track from Sádica also from Uruguay. The future of this band is uncertain but one thing is certain, three maniacs with only one purpose, death!"

Line-up: Vik - drums / Schizophedeath - guitars/vox / Plague Lord - bass.

Old School Metal Maniacs, label and distros, check this band out and contact ERR for more info…extremeresurrection@gmail.com

Arrogance of Arrogance
Schizophrenic Death

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