28 March 2017

NECROBLOOD "Collapse Of The Human Race"

Next Friday, March 31st, Iron Bonehead productions in collaboration with Amor Fati productions will release the debut full-length of NECROBLOOD entitled “Collapse Of The Human Race”.

French Black/Death metallers NECROBLOOD started in 2010 and after the debut demo (“The Rite Of Evil” 2011), two EPs (“Necroblood” 2011 and “Second Blood” 2013) and a split album (Jesus Fucking Wept Vol I, 2015) the band is ready to unleash hell with this 10 tracks debut album.

Vinyl version will be handled by Iron Bonehead while Amor Fati will handle the CD version. Check out the advance track “Glorification Through Destruction” and full tracklist… 

Through Limitless Abysses
Evil Against Evil
Sons of Genocide
Glorification Through Destruction
Essential Collaspe
Baptised by Devil's Cum
Sadistik Hunt
Operation Gomorrah
The Omen

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