13 October 2015

POSSESSION New line-up + updated info

After the recent announcement of the departure of vocalist Mestema, POSSESSION revealed  new line-up and updated info.  The current line up consist of...

V.Viriakh - Vocals
I.Dveikus - Guitars
Pz.Kpfw - Drums 
S.Iblis - Bass

According to the band´s  official statement,  POSSESSION "...is currently working on the first album. In the meantime, Iron Bonehead productions will soon re-release the "His Best Deceit" demo on 12" with a bonus song on it : a cover of SODOM "Christ Passion". It is the last recording of the band with Mestema on vocals. Also, we are proud to mention that P.K. from Iron Bonehead productions took part of the recording as guest vocalist"

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