1 October 2015

DIVISION SPEED Debut Full-lenght!

After releasing a couple of demos and a few splits, old school German DIVISION SPEED  debut with the self-titled full length.  Released on 25th of September  via High Roller Records on LP and CD. Great speed-thrash metal with lyrics about war as the main lyricall theme.  Tracklist is as follows:

The Iron Wings of Death
Snowstorm over Narvik
Schwarze Scharen
Thunderer, Monarch, Conqueror
Rule Britannia
Black Wolves
Blazing Heat
Freezing Cold
Solemn Vigil
Division Speed Attack

The band has also available a  7" "Blazing Heat"  which was out on 14th of August with a different version of the album and an exclusive B-side, "Wacht am Rhein".  Check below the songs: "Division Speed Attack" and "Blazing Heat"

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