23 October 2014


PENTACLE have just released a double compilation CD entitled "The Fifth Moon… Beyond And Back" via Vic Records. The CD features the following material: CD 1 - "The Fifth Moon" [12" Picture Disc/MCD 1996]: "Black At Heart", "A Serpent In Blood Red", "The Flame’s Masquerade [Her Sun Is The Moon]", "Adoring An Endless Dawn", "A Serpent In Blood Red" [first take with alternative vocals], "Exalted Journey" [7" EP 1995]: "Exalted Journey", "Son Of The Dawn", CD 2 - "Paradise Of The Underground" DSFA 6 compilation track 1994: "A Dance Beyond", "Winds Of The Fall" [Demo 1993]: "Buried In Mankind’s Sleep", "Descending Of The Soul", "My Fall", "Deepness Of The Depths", "Winds Of The Fall", "Caressed By Both Sides" [Rehearsal Demo 1992]: "A Mind In Flames", "Belief From Below", "Son Of The Dawn", "Denial Of God", "Rehearsal 1990": "Belief From Below" [featuring DEAD END members]. The CD comes with a 32 pages booklet, that features many flyers, unreleased photos and liner notes

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