23 May 2014


Into darkness from Italy formed in 2011 and they quickly made with a good reputation in the underground. Their releases so far are proof of their high artistic quality and now they are ready to launch more dark and powerfull music. Here is an interview with founding member, vocalist-guitarrist Doomed Warrior. Now look deep Into Darkness...  

Hi Doomed Warrior! When did you get involved with metal and when did you decide to form the band? How was the formation of Into Darkness?
Hi Chris ! Into Darkness is a small, recent band, but the history behind is complex enough. I'm addicted to Death Metal since I was 15 years old (and to Metal in general since I was 11), and it was during those days my first attempt to start a female Doom Death Metal project. Unfortunately it didn’t work as expected, so I kept on working on my other band Sign of Evil, where I was singer and bassist.

In September 2011 finally I found other people interested in the project, so we started to write the first s/t demo. But it was only with two line-up changes, some gigs and releases, and another studio session that Into Darkness became the stable band of these days. The current line-up: Pide Guts (drums, also drummer in Necro), Ken Hunakau (guitar/bass/backing vocals, also bassist in Fuoco Fatuo), and me, guitar/vocals.
What inspired the band’s name? What is the essence of INTO DARKNESS?
It's quite simple to imagine where the name Into Darkness came from. It refers to the Winter (USA) masterpiece, a sort of tribute. So this name is a good compromise between the ideology behind the band and the music genre we play: the term "Into Darkness" is also a metaphore of the ignorance of men, and how the human kind is far from the truth. We're nothing compared to the infinity of Cosmo, what we call "knowledge" is no more than the smallest part of the Unknown we've been able to discover. This name is the perfect "business card" to represent the Death Metal style of Into Darkness and the topics we talk about.

How would you describe INTO DARKNESS music? How does it sound inside your mind, heart and soul?
Not a simple question. The truth is that I started Into Darkness following the Death Doom oriented way, mainly to pay tribute to my favourite band (Asphyx). But now I don't care if the riffing is too fast, too slow, too swedish style, too strange, or not in 4/4, etc. It's Death Metal, it's catastrophic, it's heavy. This is what I care about.

Now the song writing is more complex: the other two members are really involved into the band, so it's easier to compose something original without repeat yourself in every riff. To write a song completely by yourself, with the passing of years, is stressing: you have not a realistic, objective vision of the compositions.
What are the main influences that turned INTO DARKNESS musically into what you are now? What do you think were the most important bands, albums and singers that influenced you?
The bands that influenced us mainly in the beginning were Asphyx/Soulburn, Mythic, Derkéta, Crypt of Kerberos and Eternal Darkness; lately, even Bolt Thrower, Incantation, Funebrarum, Grotesque, Rottrevore ... Maybe isn't useful to list Into Darkness influences. Obviously the most is taken from our listenings, but now - unlike the early days - we're trying to create something more atypical, a cacophony of sounds entangled into the farthest corners of the Deep Universe. Do you know that every Astronomical Object has an own personal sound ?
Astronomy and astrology seem to be a great source to create a dark and catastrophic cosmic concept, where do you draw your inspiration for the lyrics?
Astronomy and Astrology are two really different things, two different sciences (if we want to definite Astrology as a "science" ...) Into Darkness don't feel the need to write about the ordinary things. Personally I don't care to communicate my religious beliefs or my personal feelings and opinions. Why talking ALWAYS about human feelings and emotions when there are more interesting things in which get involved to ?
It seems that, according to astrological predictions for the period 2104-2015 the number of negative astrological configurations [the worst since World War II period] indicates great turmoil ahead for the world, there will be catastrophic natural events and political challenges. Something not very difficult to predict since the world is downfall quite some time, do you believe in these signs and their influence in a period of global turmoil?
I believe in things we can prove.
It is obvious that the visual appearance and the work of the whole concept is one of the strengths of the band.  What is the proper role of the artwork in the music of INTO DARKNESS? How important is it for one to understand INTO DARKNESS music and meaning through illustrations and symbols within its work?
You got the point. People who listen to our music is helped by the image and the concept to understand and give a meaning to this band and its correlations. Mainly the appearance, I think. Because to be honest I don't know if someone read our lyrics !
Your Debut demo was released by three different labels, one for each format Please describe what means for you each of the designs used for the tape, LP and CD.
Artwork is an important aspect of the band. The tape cover is taken by a Gustave Dorè drawing, which shows a step from the Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso". On the CD you can see a representation of an astrolabe, an ancient astronomical instrument through which it was possible to locate astronomical object. The illustrations on the LP are taken by the "Margarita Philosophica", drawn by the cosmographer G. Reisch. 
Tell me about your logo, I found it an amazing design and utterly old- school! Who was responsible for the drawing?
An italian guy made our first logo, and the new one has been created by Daniel Corcuera - that I thank again - is indeed a tribute to Old School Death Metal. The image of the band isn't focused only into astronomy and science, but even into the Real Death Metal tradition.
The "vinyl" 7 Transmigration of cosmic creatures Into the Unknown "released last year through Doomentia records was a killer release and had a great impact on the underground! Are you satisfied with the response received from the public ?
I’m surprised myself, but I personally don't care too much about it, while I was really anxious about the demo. I think the other guys are satisfied. I tend to care of a very few “selected” opinions and not if my band is the “flavour of the day” in the current scene or not. Some people describe us as an "esoteric” or “occult” band when it comes to the image and as  "Death Doom" when it comes to the music. Truth is that we changed a lot from our demo that was indeed very doomy, and the lyrics never dealt with occultism.
Tell us about the cover art. How did Chris Moyen get involved?
I wrote him through facebook asking for a cover artwork. We had a good deal together. I wanted Chris Moyen to draw a cover artwork as a symbolic tribute to the Old School Metal: he's an icon of Real Death Metal and Black Metal. We had no doubts about this choice !

How is the actual scene in Italy, what do you think about having cult bands like Bulldozer, Necrodeath, Schizo, OperaIX and Mortuary Drape?
There are some really talented, devoted and serious bands, label owners, live promoters and fans, but also too much backstabbing, shit talking, retarded gossiping, internet posing and ass kissing, to call it “a Scene”, in my opinion. But probably is pretty much the same everywhere, more or less.

I like Mortuary Drape - even the last works, but less than the older ones - early Bulldozer and early Necrodeath too. I have to admit that I never listened to Schizo.

Concerning your live appearances, what can be expected from your shows?
I'd like to answer "nothing", but I'm afraid this is no possible for the most of metalheads. We always have expectations about live shows, both for the newest bands and for historical ones; I'm the first person who thinks this way, maybe we should try to judge taking care about the musical influences, the band's lifetime and the scene in which this one took life.
The band have had line-up changes despite its short existence, would you say that now you have strong line-up?
Sure. It took a lot of time have a stable line-up, but now we're working hard together as one, everyone of us gives its own contribution to the band, which for the first time is taking another direction, especially about musical influences and songwriting. The reason could be the strong match between us, we have no fear to communicate our preferences or disagreement each other.
How do you reckon your musical career will develop over the years?
To be honest I don't know. Into Darkness will exist till we have something to say, I think.
You have announced the forthcoming release of “Shifted To The Red End Of The Spectrum” and a split 7” with Profanal, could you advance some details?  Has the release date been fixed yet for both releases?
There isn't a release date for both of them yet (first one is currently at press), but I can say you this new material is heavier and faster than the first s/t demo. And the new stuff we're working on these days is totally into this way, even more complex and brutal ! Maybe we'll return to a more doomy sound on an hypothetical full lenght... or maybe not…
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
My empty bedroom without my CD’s.
Thanks for your time…Any last words to end this interview?
We want to thank you and everyone who supported us, in a way or another.

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