23 May 2014

ENTRAILS "...Demo Collection"

ENTRAILS announced  "Resurrected From The Grave-Demo Collection" to be released next July 18th [Europe] and July 22nd [North America] via Metal Blade. The album will be available as Digi-CD and vinyl [Europe],  while in North america it will be available  on CD and digitally.  "Resurrected..." features 18 tracks from the demos "Reborn" and "Human Decay".  Below you can check the tracklisting and stream the single "Blood Red"...

Reborn Intro

Evil Obsession
The Morgue
Your Dead Dog Smile
Triumph Of The Sinners
Stormy Death
Midnight Death
Breath of Blood
Dust to Dust Intro
Blood Red
Evil Terror
Total Death
Human Decay

Casket Garden (Dismember cover) 

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