27 August 2020


Norwegian black metallers WHOREDOM RIFE release the 7” EP “Ride The Final Tide” through Terratur Possession/Ván Records.

The EP consists of the title track and a cover version of Manes´ “Maanens Natt”.

The band issued the following comments: "The Song ‘Ride the Final Tide’ shows a more aggressive side to the band and did not fit the album they are currently working on. Consider this a treat while you wait for the upcoming fullenght. The EP also includes a cover of Manes -‘Maanens Natt’, a band that always meant a lot for the local scene here, and who’s been close conspirators for over three decades.”

The 7” will be available on vinyl and digital only. Thick cardboard sleeve with UV details, insert and a limited blood red color version as usual, Ván Records exclusive.

Check out the amazing video clip and and order your physical copy here.


NECROPHOBIC and Century Media Records have just released an official video for the brand new track "The Infernal Depths Of Eternity", taken from the upcoming album "Dawn Of The Damned".

The released date of the album is set for October 9, 2020.  The album comes once again with artwork by Kristian "Necrolord" Whalin, and as you can see it has nothing to do in concept nor in color to the artwork of the previous album (irony mode on).  Pre-order here


Yesss! KÖRGUL THE EXTERMINATOR is back. Their fifth full-length “Sharpen Your Spikes” will come as a metal fist in your face next September 9th via Xtreem Music on CD and LP formats.

The band have just released a lyric-video of the the song "The Black Goat of the Woods" as a 2nd advance single of the album. You can listen to the first advance track “Inquisitor Generalis” here.

A ferocious bat can not only bring you an unwanted dose of covid, but it can also bring you a good dose of merciless and old school metal. No less than the debut full-length of EURYNOMOS

“From The Valley Of Hades” is described as a logical continuation of the successful trilogy 7” EP series album will be released on august 31st. through Iron Pegasus records on LP and CD. Here´s a cool teaser video, raw as hell! 

KAWIR and YOTH IRIA joined forces for the release of a split EP through Hell´s Fire Records in late October.  Besides the cover artwork designed by Giannis Antoniou no further info has been revealed.

After the release of the magnificent debut EP “Under His Sway” YOTH IRIA are working on their debut full-length titled “As The Flame Withers”, to be released later this year via Pagan Records.

In the meantime here´s a lyric video of “Vision Of The Dead Lovers” (Rotting Christ cover) from their debut EP.


Canada´s OCCULT BURIAL released the advance track Highway Through Borderland” from the band´s second album Burning Eerie Lore”.

The album will be out on LP, CD and digital thrpugh Invictus Productions on October 30th.

As on their debut album it sounds very Old-school indeed but wait…doesn´t that opening riff sound familiar? Check it out...

16 years after MESSSIAH´s last full-length, Switzerland´s thrashers return with the new album “Fracmont”. The band released a 3 track EP earlier this year ("Fatal Grotesque Symbols-Darken Universe") and the full-length will be released next September 11th by High Roller Records.

A lyric video for the track “Morte al Dente” has been released recently…

French Death Metal Veterans LOUDBLAST will release their 8th full-length “Manifesto” in early November through Listenable Records.

While we wait for some advance track maybe it´s a good time to remember one of their early killer cuts under the name of “Punishment To Come” from 1989. Enjoy…

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