27 April 2020

GÖDEN Reveal new track "Glowing Red Sun"

GÖDEN revealed a new track "Glowing Red Sun", taken from the upcoming debut album "Beyond Darkness".

As you may already know, GÖDEN is the continuation of WINTER. So it was officially stated by Stephen Flam. In Flam´s own words: "I write, record, and produce the music. Glowing Red Sun" was a part of music I wrote for Winter that was recorded and completed in 2003.  Winter started to work on songs during rehearsals for the reunion shows in 2011 with intentions of using these songs for the follow up to Into Darkness.  Glowing Red Sun, Night , Dark Nebula, and various riffs from the 2003 demo as well as new music I had. We tracked and recorded with Xris Flam at Gaia studio (Toni Pinnisi´s place). Winter performed Glowing Red Sun when we played with Sunn O))) at warsaw concerts in Brooklyn NY".

With this terrific track and the already unveilded "Twillight" (check out the video here) I reaffirm that "Beyond Darkness" will be the dark gem of the year.

Pre-order available  via Svart Records here.

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