21 February 2020

WORSHIP VINYL: WINTER "Into Darkness" Svart Records Box Set reissue

Svart Records announced the reissue of the monumental, highly acclaimed and worshipped old school album "Into Darkness" by New York´s mighty WINTER.

A 2LP box set presented as "the ultimate edition on vinyl! housed in a heavy- duty slipcase, the package features a replica of Into Darkness LP with original cover layout, the demo Eternal Frost making its vinyl debut plus a thick magazine with Winter memorabiblia."

Sounds really good doesn´t it? So it is a good chance to add it to your collection wether yu alredy have the original release, the Southern Lord reissue of 2011, all or none of them. There is a black vinyl version limited to 600 copies and one on clear vinyl limited to 400 copies. A must!

But, the good news doens´t end here, Svart Records also announced the upcoming release of the debut album by GÖDEN, the spiritual succesor to Winter.  Founding guitarist Stephen Flam set to work on what has become Göden, "a project that has inherited much of Winter's ultra-bleak apocalyptic scope, but in the spirit of the transition between Celtic Frost and Triptykon", The album title is "Beyond Darkness", it will be releaased on May 7th.


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