12 January 2020


"The Ghost of Orion" is the title of the upcoming album of gothic/doom metal icons MY DYING BRIDE.

The album will be released on March 6th,  5 years after its predecessor "Feel the Misery" via Nuclear Blast.

The band released the ooficial video for "Your Broken Shore", a great video of a track that sounds "classic", melodic, brutal, with the lovey violin and cello sound, and of course Aaron´s clean and death metal vocals. A track that embodies and expresses the recongnisable spirit and esence of MY DYING BRIDE.

The album will be available on various 2LP gatefold versions and CD. Pre-order here

With each new song from "The Ones From Hell" that NECROWRETCH reveal, I´m more sure that the album will be something grandiose and one of the best of 2020. The track "Codex Obscuritas" is a monument of Sonic Darkness, hypnotic and sinisterly enchanting. 

Vlad´s vocals sound better and more diabolical every day. A voice that would make Satan himself proud.

I just came across KONVENT, a band from Denmark a few days ago on YT, watching the official video clip of "Puritan Masochism", the title track of their upcoming album to be out on January 24th via Napalm Records. 
A couple of days ago the band released a video clip of a brand new track titled "Ropes Pt. II". A highly recommended crushing death/doom track. If you like it, I also recommend you to check the lyric video of "Trust" (here) and the aforementioned video of "Puritan Masochism" (here).
Pre-order available on different formats here 

TULUS is a band formed by members of Sarke and Khold, a band that I have not paid attention to since the release of their debut LP "Pure Black Energy". They have released a brand new single "Jord" and I truly enjoyed it.

The song belongs to their new sixth full-lenght "Old Old Death", which will be released on March 6th via Soulseller Records and will be available on CD, digital and limited vinyl versions.

Cold, grim, strong black metal.

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