18 October 2019

PENTAGRAM (Chile) "Past, Present And Future" compilation LP

News from PENTAGRAM (Chile) releases are always great news. even more if in this case we are talking about a special release.

Celebrating a decade of the band´s final re-union and coinciding with their historic gig at Slayer´s farewell to Chile at the Santiago Gets Louder festival, the band releases "Past, Present And Future".

This compilation consists of 8 songs that, according to the band, brings the diverse facets of the history, cultural influences and the future musical direction of PENTAGRAM.

Side A includes: "Evil Incarnate", a "new song" composed by parts of two old tracks, the original "Evil Incarnate" and "Summoned From The grave", taken from an old rehearsal tape from 1985.
"The Antrum" is a brand new track, a 6 minutes epic song starting with a Trouble-worshipping doom riff to descent into a old school death-trash storm influenced by Slayer, Death and Possessed.
"Anticueca #2" is an unusual cover from Chilean folk artist Violeta Parra, recorded for the 100th anniversary of her birth.
"Ritual Human Sacrifice" is a song from 2015. So far it was only available on the split of that year with Unnausprechlichen Kulten.
Side B includes 4 tracks recorded "live in the studio", "Sacrophobia", Deathroned Emperor" (Celtic Frost cover), "Profaner" and "Evil Dead" (Death cover).

The album is limited to 500 vinyl copies, at the moment only available through Chilean distros, but the band will release info about ordering info for Europe.
I want it, I need it!!!


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