9 September 2019


BLOODDAWN PRODUCTIONS will put out some exlusive and interesting releases. MARDUK´s "Winged Death" shaped 7" picture LP with cover poster limited to 500 copies contains 2 live tracks, "Wolves" and "On Darkened Wings" recorded live in Nokkoping in 1993.

The second release is ABRUPTUM´s "Apostoli Infernum" presented also on shaped 7" picture LP, with poster cover limited to 300 copies. Featuring the title track, which is a brand new unreleased track exclusively available on this release.

Both 7" LPs wil lbe out on October 14th. Preorders are availabe on the official bandcamp store (here) and also through Shadow Records.

"Orchestra Of Dark"  was the third demo from ABRUPTUM released in 1991 and was the tape that caught the attention of Euronymous and led to the signing to Deathlike Silence Peoductions

The demo will be released by Blooddawn on CD/MC and LP, The vinyl version will be limited to 500 copies, 400 on black and 100 on bloodred. 

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