18 February 2019

THRONEHAMMER Releases new advance track "Thronehammer"

Fuck! I´ve just listened to (in a loop of a several play / repeat series) the new THRONEHAMMER song, taken from the upcoming full-length "Usurper Of The Oaken Throne"
If the track from their split 10” left me highly impressed, this new track entitled "Thronehammer" simply has blown my mind away.
The heaviness, those creepy guitars, that gloomy sound, Kat´s clean and powerful vocals (epic, grandiose, breathtaking... Her great vocal performance had already been clearly demonstrated in "Hammer Stake & Cross", but her work throughout this track is certainly brilliant)
The album will be released this spring through Church Within Records.
Meanwhile, I'm going to press play again and enjoy these 9:27 minutes of pure doom excellence. Die by the Thronehammer!

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