28 January 2019


DEATH WORSHIP returns with a new release. From the very beginning I really enjoyed this new project by Ryan Förster, with the collaboration of J. Read on session percussion, and "Nocturnal Grave Desecrater and Black Winds" on guitars and bass.
A demo version of the debut EP "Extermination Mass" was released last year, so I was eager and curious to listen to the new stuff.
"End Times" is the title of the new EP, (it seems that we will have to wait for the full-length).  I was expecting the same violent darkness from the debut and after listening to the new track it didn´t disappoint. 

"The poisoned Chalice" is the track unveiled for those who expect the sonic darkness of the debut, we all may be satisfied, the essence remains. Raw sound, violent and fast, with a very good "slow and morbid” middle section.  If the rest of the songs follow the same level of intensity and aggression will be another great EP.

"End times" will be released on February 15th through Nuclear War Now!

Superion Rising!!!

Stand Witness to Atrocity
The Poisoned Chalice
Masters and Monolith

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