19 November 2018


2018 did not die yet (but is slowly dying) and yet we already have new and exciting announcements of very promising releases for early 2019.
ROTTING CHRIST revealed title, release date, cover artwork and tracklist for "The Heretics", to be released on the 15th of February.
The album full tracklist reads like this:

1. In The Name of God,,,
Ветры злые (Vetry Zlye)
3. Heaven and Hell and Fire
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
5. Dies Irae
7. Fire God and Fear
8.The Voice of the Universe
9. The New Messiah
10. The Raven (by Edgar Alan Poe)


"The 13th Beast" is the title of the new MALEVOLENT CREATION album. The band have confirmed January 18th as the release date of the full-lenght which introduces a new line-up consisting of Phil Cancilla (drums), Josh Gibbs (bass), Phil Fasciana (guitars) and vocalist/guitarrist Lee Wollenschlaeger, replacing the late Bret Hoffmann (cult!) who passed away last July 7th.
“The 13th Beast” will be released as black and limited coloured LP plus 4-page LP booklet, CD, and digitally – presales start November 23rd, 2018. An advance song from the album will be released on November 30th, 2018.
The album features the following tracks:

End The Torture
Mandatory Butchery
Agony For The Chosen
Canvas Of Flesh
Born Of Pain
The Beast Awakened
Bleed Us Free
Knife At Hand
Trapped Inside

Black metalers GORGON emerged in the scene in 1991. The French  band released four full-lenght, being perhaps the debut album "The Lady Rides A Black Horse" their most powerful and solid material.
The band returns 19 years later since their last full lenght with a new album entitled "The Veil Of Darkness".  It will be released on January 25th through Osmose Productions. We will have to wait a while to see how powerful is the new attack.
The following tracks will apear on the album:

Sons Of Perdition
Still Six Six Six
The Veil Of Darkness
Border Of The Forest
Path Of Doom
The Roots Of My Fantasies
Burned For Him
Depraved Conception
Postumous Bewitchment
Our Crusade

ROGGA JOHANSSON will release a new full-lenght in early 2019 through  Transcending Obscurity Records. "Entrance To The Otherwhere" is the sophomore album, following 2017 debut full-lenght "Garpedans". The wonderful album cover has been painted by Mariusz Lewandoski, the logo has been made by Christophe Spajdel. 
An exclusive track was featured on Transcending Obscurity label sampler released a few months ago, check it out...


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