11 June 2018


NECRODEATH is undoubtedly an iconic band in the Italian scene and the whole underground. Without any sign of fatigue the band remains faithful to its old school spirit. Good proof of this is the recent album "The Age Of Dead Chist". To talk more about it Gl (bass) and Pier (guitars) answered the following questions.  Sustain the reign of the undead...

Lets start talking about the new album, which from the beg you said that it was a return to the old style, when does the idea of going back to the roots come?
GL: the idea of this album was born last year from our desire to return to compose and record new material as we did at the beginning, finding ourselves in the rehearsal room and playing together. we also wanted to return to compose instinctive and direct songs, which represented our live sound
What were exactly your musical inspirations towards the songriting and sound?
GL: after many years we have developed our own sound and our way of composing, so we do not inspire to anyone, but it is inevitable that many bands of our musical background can be discovered by listening to our records. for example in the last album we understand that we have in our blood, band like Slayer, Sepultura, Voivod
Tell us about the re recording of "The Return of The Undead" , how was to work with  C. Wild from Bulldozer?
GL: AC Wild is a close friend of ours and we often involve him during our live shows. We wanted him for "the return of the undead" because that song taken from "Into the macabre" refers to the years when in Italy we were just a few to play extreme music, in fact in the 80s we, Bulldozer and Schizo were the progenitors of Italian extreme metal and re-propose this song in 2018 to the new generations, makes understand how we played in those times!
How is your relationship with scarlet records
GL: from the reunion of 1999 onwards, we have collaborated with Scarlet Records, which is one of the few Italian labels that produces extreme music. Scarlet Records has always left us free to decide what we wanted to do with our music and has never imposed any restrictions on us. This for us is very important because it does not limit us to follow the fashions or to submit to the rules of the market, in fact this freedom can be found in an album like Idiosyncrasy, which is perhaps the most extreme and progressive album we have, because it consists of a single 40 minute song!
What are you missing from the old days?
PIER: Maybe nothing is missing, but of course everything has changed.  Old days there was not internet but is there was a gig everything know about the gig, location etc.  We bought newspaper the days of pubblication because they were the only chance to know news about bands. Today we live with smartphones, we know every news just few second after the pubblication but we have not time to read it and so on...
What do you value the most about necrodeath's discography? Would you say there are moments of what you would define as low or unpleasant moments in your career and others with more personal satisfaction? Could you describe some of those moments?
PIER: We have not sad moments because we have happy about any of our album. The people reaction was different during years. For example when we released the album "Draculea" that we fell perfect in Necrodeath trademark, many people and newspapers described it as "experimental". We also recorded albums as "The 7 deadly sins" or the last "The Age Of Death Christ" that sounds really great for us, and also for people world wide
What´s your view about the current italian scene? I´d like to know your opinion about new/young bands and the old bands. What do you see as positive in the current scene compared to the old times?
GL: There are many good underground bands here in Italy but always less local where you can play this kind of music. We are invaded by tribute bands and it is increasingly difficult and rare to find promoters and locals who appreciate original music. The extreme Italian scene has fallen in the last 10 years, even if we have a close circle of fans that always follows us. The current Italian metal scene is very different from that of 20 years ago, today everything is faster and often the new bands follow the fashions of the moment and then disappear when the fashion ends, while in the past maybe there was more determination, even because it was much more difficult to offer their music to the public. Today the globalization of computer technology helps a lot in the dissemination of the new bands, but not everything is good then we are saturated with so much junk music
In 2016 you released a cool split EP with Cadaveria, which I enjoyed a lot with both bands payint tribute to each other, and when you did a cool “Helter Skelter" cover, tell me some words about the split, Cadaveria and the songs.
GL: In 2016, we released a split album together with the Cadaveria and we celebrated the release of this album with an only one night special show in Italy. the association with the Cadaveria stems from the fact that both I and Flegias are part of both bands and it was therefore natural to give birth to this album. Also it was fun to play the songs of the other band according to their own style. A similar experience had already happened with the 1990 split album Mondocane with friends Schizo. With Mondooscuro we recorded 2 unreleased tracks, 2 covers, 2 songs from the other band, so it's a split album that varies a lot, even for the style of each band.
What can you tell about the previous album and headhunter ep, what are the significant differences of that material compared with the new album?
PIER: We recorded the song Headhunter togeter with Tony Dolan and Mantas (Venom Inc & MPire of Evil) that are guests in the Ep. It was an amazing experience. We played many times in the same stage with them (many italian festivals) and We shared the stage together for great and funny jams.
Regarding all your gigs live, what would you tell about best memories, the best yoy played, which band or bands impressed you most live, funny anecdotes...
GL: for me it was the 2006 tour together with Marduk, because it was my first tour together with Necrodeath with the current lineup. During which tour we got to know each other and we tied a lot, so I have good memories of everything that happened in a month around Europe, awesome!
Which albums released during this year so far impressed you? 
PIER: I recently listened to "Hadeon" (2018 Pestilence album) and I really liked it, great songs and riffs remembering first album of them.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
GL: We've seen a lot of strange places, but one that I remember now was around Vienna many years ago when we were on tour. We played in a castle full of people very excited and clearly Nazi .... there were many strange substances around .... I can not tell more ....
What can we expect from Necrodeath the current year? What are the band´s future plans?
GL: Throughout 2018 we have many concerts to do and we are often around. For the new year we have new proposals in mind that I can not reveal. Surely we will continue to carry around our music and meet friends who follow us.
Thanks for your time , last words are yours…
GL: thanks to you for the interview, we invite you to follow us on our websites www.necrodeath.net and to buy our album, which you can also download online on Amazone ITunes. Follow us in our next live where we will play the new album.

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