3 May 2018

THRASH ATTACK: by Deathstorm, Dreadful Fate, Invocation Spells

Austrian Thrashers DEATHSTORM are about to release their third full-lenght "Reaping What Is Left" next May 25th via High Roller Records.  Teh band recently unleashed the second advance track "Agent Of Dismay". Killer Old-School thrash metal highly influenced by bands like Kreator, Sadus, Sodom...pure 80s thrash metal worship.

"Reaping What Is Left" track listing:

Thea Reaping
Agent Of Dismay
Predator Kill
Ossuary Darkness
Hallowed Ground
By Sword, By Pick, By Axe
Unholy Lamentations
Dying Insane


DREADFUL FATE released their first recording last year by launching the cool demo "The Sin Of Sodom". Now the band will release the debut album entitled "Vengeance" through I Hate Records and To The Death Records. The first track "Death Sentence" shows a total 80s thash metal aggression that will quickly remind you of Merciless early kreator, Blood Feast...

"Vengeance" track listing:

Death Sentence
Altar Of Cruelty
Unholy Lust
Witches Hammer
Hour Of Reprisal
Eternal Fire
The Final Sacrifice

"Spread Cruelty In The Abyss" is the third album by chilean black thrashers INVOCATION SPELLS. The album is out now via Suicide records on CD version available  from the band... "Victims of Doom" is the sexond track revealed, you can also check the opening track "Ruins of Cemetery" here.

"Spread Cruelty In The Abyss" track listing:

Ruins Of Cemetery
Rotting Sacirifice
Victims Of Doom
Torment of Obsessor
Old Rites
Spread Cruelty
Obscure And Evil
From The Graves


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