19 December 2017

PESTILENCE Unveil first single and new artwork for "Hadeon"

PESTILENCE releases "Multi Dimensional" the first single track from "Hadeon".  The press info says...."a song that indeed could have been on a logical follow-up album to the legendary "Testimony of the Ancients", something that I totally agree with. The track blends the vibe of that great album with some progressive and recognizable elements from Patrick Mameli and co.

The band and Hammerheart Records also unveiled the new album artwork, this time done by Michal "Xaay" Loranc, (Vader, Nile Behemoth...). The new desing fits perfectly with the music and and I like it a lot more that the one presented previously.

"Hadeon" will arrive on March 1st, the Pest is back!


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