3 October 2017

WATAIN To releasse "Nuclear Alchemy" 7" EP

WATAIN announced the release of a new 7” single, “Nuclear Alchemy”, to be released on the 31st of October.

The EP features two tracks, the title track and “Beyond” (not sure but I think is a Tormentor cover).  And it serves as a glimpse for the new full-length, to be released on January 05th. Pre orders for “Nuclear Alchemy” ara available at Wolfwear.net.

"Nuclear Alchemy" is the sound of an eager beast let loose from its cage at last. A song of violent fire, impending doom and of necks cracking in ecstacy. A dissolving injection of power and force into the coagulated veins of Black Metal and a first glimpse into the abyss that shall be opened in the beginning of 2018. Meanwhile, stand by for conflagration."

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