14 February 2017

VENENUM "Trance of Death"

"Cold Threat" is the first preview track of Germany´s VENENUM, from the upcoming album “Trance of Death”, coming out on March 17h through Sepulchral Voice Records and The Ajna Offensive (North America).

“It makes a difference in effort and time, either to dig six feet deep or to build Necropolis."Trance of Death" is reverence & praise, a complex unit of sacred horror, a hymn to the impending end of all things & the most serious approach towards creating a soundtrack to Death.”

Merging Nebular Drapes
The Nature Of The Ground
Cold Threat***
Trance Of Death Part I: Reflections
Trance Of Death Part II: Metanoia Journey
Trance Of Death Part III: There Are Other Worlds...


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