28 January 2017

HOLOCAUSTO "War Metal Massacre"

Waaaar! HOLOCAUSTO returns! “War Metal Massacre” is the title of the upcoming LP of this Brazilian Veterans, who contributed with two songs on the Cogumelo classic compilation Warfare Noise I, and then released the debut album “Campo de Exterminio” in 1987.

According to official info,  with this new LP Holocausto “returns to its earlier pioneering sound with its original lineup of Rodrigo Fuhrer (vocals), Valério Exterminator (guitars), Anderson Guerrilheiro (bass and vocals), and Nedson Warfare (drums). delivering one of the most remarkable and authentic recordings of a reunited metal band in memory. The first three songs, which comprise Side A of the LP version, are re-recordings of the "Massacre" demo track from 1985 and the two tracks first committed to tape on the Warfare Noise compilation from 1986. A quick comparison between one of these reinterpreted songs and its original version immediately verifies the band’s return to its roots.

The LP will be released on March 1st via Nuclear War Now!, though ti was already released on a very limited (100 copies) and special edition on the NWN Fest V.  Listen to the tracks "Destruiçao Nuclear and " Eu Soy A Gerra" and check full tracklist below...

Destruição Nuclear
Escarro Napalm
Intro War
Eu Sou a Guerra
Corpo Seco
War Metal Massacre


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