7 September 2016

CHURCH OF DISGUST "Veneration Of Filth"

Memento Mori Records sets October 24th as release date for the upcoming CHURCH OF DISGUST CD “Veneration of Filth”.

It contains 10 songs mastered by Jani Loikas at Studio Cursed (Finland) featuring “guest grunts” and “lyrical conjurings” by Tobi Zama (Sewercide), Jamie Stewart (Disevered) and the legendary Mike Browning (Nocturnus / Morbid Angel / Incubus) The cover art was drawn by Putrid Matt.

The Album will be released on cassette tape by Headsplit Records and the vinyl version will be handled by No Posers Please, releases dates for both will be announced in due time.  Here is the preview track "Supine In The Face Of Total Death"... 


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