8 August 2016

SOLAR MASS "Pseudomorphosis"

New Zealand´s SOLAR MASS will deliever the debut recording "Pseudomorphosis" on October 3rd through Iron Bonehead Productiuons on tape, then on 12" MLP and then on CD later on. The band features  vocalist/guitarist Atrociter [Brendan Southwell ex Diocletian, also formerly in Witchrist], along with drummer Will Bellerby [Skuldom] and vocalist Nick [ex-Entropy]

Iron Bonehead premiered the track "Weaponised" on Soundcloud, which you can check out below.
The fantastic artwork was made by Rok of Sadistik Exekution.  Full trackilst reads like this:

Arc Furnace
[Sgr A*] Exegesis
Heat Death

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