21 August 2015


MORBID SLAUGHTER hailing from Peru unleash the debut album. “A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death” is an evocation of the ancient demons, to the spirits of the dark past in the true morbid way. The following interview was done with axeman/vocalist Envenom!

Hails Envenom! How are you, please introduce the band and tell us how and when did you start Morbid Slaughter.

Hi. I'm very well, thanks. Morbid Slaughter started on September 2009 by myself. I was playing in a Heavy Metal band that I formed in that time. We called ourselves "Savage Beast". The band was dissolved and I had a few songs that I composed just to play in my home. I started as a one-man project, but I always wanted hear my songs playing loud through the amplifiers. So, I called to Mario (Savage Beast's drummer) and He was my support drummer for a few rehearsals. Then was fired. On January 2010, Ripping Corpse, my friend from high school, joins to me and since that time, we're feeding to this Frankenstein.
Morbid Slaughter was always influenced by the first wave of black metal (Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer), Punk music and Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. It sounds weird, right? But it's like that. That's not mean that we don't listen to other bands. Of course, we do, but it's not the same. It's not the same be influenced by the obscure and heavy sound of Black Sabbath than just have a good time listening something like Megadeth or Judas Iscariot (I like very much the “Heaven in Flames” album).
The main concepts were always the horror and death. Maybe in different ways, but both are always present in our music and lyrics. Since a violent lyric like “Cannibal Butcher” to a nightly and ghostly lyric like “Wicca”.

September 04th is the release date of your debut album…so you must be anxiously expecting that date…describe in your own words the sound and style of “A Filthy orgy…”

Yes! I'm very glad with the release of the album. I mean, those songs have a lot of years waiting to be unleashed. The album was totally composed on 2010. Since that year, We knew what songs will be in the record. That's the reason why "Cannibal Butcher" and "Chainsaw blade" were included in our first demo rehearsal, those songs are old songs for us, but new for the crowd. “A filthy orgy of horror and death” is older than our first demo tape “Torment in the crypt” and Slay with Steel was included on “Torment in the crypt” haha.
How can I describe the sound and style? Our roots. I mean, it's just rock n roll played as dirty, as FILTHY, as black and as fast as we can play. We never thought “We need sound as black metal has to sound” or that kind of things. We just wanted to sound loud and mighty in each song.

Can you try to explain the lyrical contents of the album, in what kind of lyrics/themes are you interested? Are all the band members involved in writing the lyrics?

I composed all the album when I was 17 years old. In that time, I was very depth into the horror movies and books, so they are explicit songs. I mean, all it's about: Fuck, Murders, and brutality. You can find a lot of that kind of things in movies and books or a documental about the Second World War. And of course, you're a teenager. You just want to fuck, get drunk and fight. So... that's the content of the lyrics in this record. Necrolust and the old ultra-violence.
We are interested in horror and death. Our current point of view is more mature, but that's completely normal. We grew up, our songs grew up and all of them sound cool. I mean. Listen to “Cannibal butcher 2010", pure crap. Listen to "Cannibal Butcher" from "...horror and death". It's a huge cock tearing up a bitch's anus. Now it sounds like a serial killer! I know that some nostalgic one will say "Demo 2010 sounds like it have to sound!" but I don't give a fuck. I'm thinking in re-record one more song from the past, the last one from that first year, but we will see.

Tell me about the cover artwork, is quite different to the style that you have been using so far, how did the band decide for this concept?
No, you're not right. The concept didn't change. Torment in the crypt cover artwork is like a fragment from the whole concept. I mean, it was just the artwork for the song. The reason why our demos had names was because bands do that. I mean, now, bands display their demos as albums with a lot of things, but for me are just demos. "Torment in the crypt" artwork was fucking great and sick... Fuck yeah, it was! But it just represents one song, not a whole concept. "A filthy orgy of horror and death" artwork represents the whole death - the valleys of hades.

You included the songs Chainsaw Blade and Cannibal Butcher, which are both from your first demo rehearsal, is there a special felling for this early songs for what you decided to re-record them for the album? 

The album was composed on 2010 and since that time I know what songs will be included. I mean, we used to practice "Torture without Anesthesia" in my home and "Slay with Steel" was a bit longer. So, when it came the time to record a demonstration of the band, We had to use those songs (Cannibal and Chainsaw) because in that time were our only songs that we had (with the exception of "Evil Spells" and the songs included in our demo "Graveyard Ghouls" that were discarded in that time).

What were your influences to become a Metal musician? Are you influenced by any particular singer? Did you start “singing” with this style of vocals from the very beginning?

When I listened to Guns n Roses and Iron Maiden. Since that time I said: "I want to play in a Rock band (or Metal)". I didn't want to be a singer, I always wanted to be the mystic guitarist as Jimmy Page. When I used to play in my heavy metal band, I never had to use the microphone. I started to sing in "Morbid" because I had to raise the band by myself. The main influence was Bathory, but my favorite singers are: Jim Morrison, Robert plant, Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske and Enrique Bunbury.

Which bands do you think influenced you the most when creating material for Morbid slaughter? Did you have a clear idea of what style you wanted the band to be in since the first rehearsals?

I never listen to another band to create my stuff. I mean since the beginning exist a strong influence from Bathory and Hellhammer, but I'm not like "I will listen both bands all day to know how compose my songs" - No, that's bullshit. I mean. I started to write the main riff of "Wicca" when I was hanging around with a Led Zeppelin song. It just came to me. I started to repeat the riff and let it to flow.
I use to start with a simple riff. Sometimes, I start composing the final part of the songs, and sometimes, I start with the beginning. However, I always started from a riff. Each riff or melody is an open book to write, because the melody gives to you the inspiration. I mean, I'm sure that Black Sabbath were not thinking in bunnies or squirrels when they start to playing the beginning of their self-titled song.
We have clear idea of what mighty we want to sound. What style? I have to be honest. I never think about it. I mean, one song could be violent, and another songs could be more ghostly or atmospheric or faster or slower. I don't know. We just want to be better with time.

How did you achieve the sound on both of your demo tapes?  are you satisfied with how they came out? What were the reactions from zines and fans when Torment in The Crypt came out?

We didn't get any sound, because we were learning. I mean. Demo rehearsal 2010 was recorded with 3 microphones and that's all. No mix, no tracks. So when we went to record "Torment in the crypt" We learned a bit of what is the mix session. However, it was just a demo. I hear good comments about it. So, it was okay.

You recorded cover tunes from Bathory and Sodom, why did you decide to include a cover version of “Fuck Off [We Murder]” by GG Allin & The Murder Junkies, which was also recorded by Watain? Is GG Allin among your hardcore-punk influences?

I like very much the vocals of Erik on their version.
Yes. Reaper from Bathory was chosen because represents death and Blasphemer from Sodom was chosen for one special thing. In that time, some friend said us that we play thrash metal, and I didn't like. I have nothing against thrash metal. I like some bands, but I'm sure we're not thrash. Whatever, I like "In the sign of evil" and there is a special part in the lyric at the beginning of Blasphemer. "Black metal is the game I play" - I used to sing that part with emphasis in every rehearsal, you know, that kind of things that you do when you are young and some things bother you haha.
We use to listen to GG Allin, Misfits, The Stooges, Sex pistols, GBH, The Exploited, English Dogs... We are influenced by the punk music. We played "Earth AD" (Misfits) in our second live show on 2012, and "Lycanthropy" (GBH) on the first show of our last tour with our brothers of COBRA.  
Yes, I heard the Watain version and I liked too much (I'm fan of Watain!). Also, I heard the Iron Lamb version. So, now Morbid Slaughter has their own version. I mean, Why not? Hahaha. We're not competing or something like that. We just wanted to play our own tribute to one of the most furious outlaws of Rock 'n' Roll. The original idea comes from years before. I mean, some bands that I really like did a cover on their first album. I saw that kind of things in bands like The Doors or Megadeth. The Doors played “Whisky bar”, and Megadeth did the same with "These boots". So, again, Why not? Haha.

Which albums would you choose as the best 5 debut albums of all time?

The Doors – The Doors
Bathory – Bathory
Metallica – Kill em all
Guns n Roses – Appetite for Destruction
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

How was the contact with Boris records and the idea of the release of last year 7” Wicca? What can you tell about the recording, concept and sound on Wicca? Why did you use different nicknames for this release?

Boris Records contact us and told us if we want to release a 7” Inches. We talked about artist freedom, he said yes, and we start. We're very grateful with Boris Records for the opportunity that gave us. We recorded Wicca at the same studio of "Torment in the crypt" (The drums for "...Horror and Death" were recorded there, too) and actually, we were nervous to don't fuck anything hahaha. The main concept still is the horror and death but with a nightly touch. Whatever, both songs are more current. “Wicca” was composed at 2011-2012, and “Nightly breath of god” two months before to record. We're not used different nicknames haha we just chose a different element to each one of us because they're important on the "Wicca", and if you read about each one you will found some things close to our personalities. Our nicknames are hidden on the credits.

With which band or bands would you like to release a split 7”? 
I don't want to make a split.

How is the Peruvian scene nowadays regarding zines, venues, shops and support from the fans? 

I just known some local zines like "Crypts of Eternity", "Revelations of doom", "Infinite Terror Zine" “Morbid Zine” “Aquelarre zine” and "Demon tales zine". Venues... we are looking for new venues to make our shows. We are tired about things like "there are not good shows or organizers or the bands" Bullshit! We fell in the conclusion that all that kind of things are excuses that limit yourself and your band. If you want a good show… Well, you have to do it by yourself! It's not hard to find bars that could help you in some way. There are some shops in “Galerías brasil". There are new fans and that is good to keep this music alive and burning. Some says "But there are a lot of posers! There aren’t true! 80’s! Blah Blah Blah" Really? Okaaay, Maybe... or maybe they just like to go to the shows some weekends, buy stuff and that's all... What's the big deal? You not have to be a drunk to be part of this or a drug addict (Also, you can't bother the others if they want to be like that – It’s their own decision) or you not have to think like the others, but people feels afraid about changes, maybe they think that their crystal house could be broken if the rules are not followed. Do what you want, not what others want you to do. Whatever, there are good friends and really good people, but a lot of imbeciles with a "zombie mind" that like to be slaves, too. Like every scene, don’t you think?

What about local press? Did you receive support from the very beginning?

No. The first time that a local press posted something about us was when we were releasing "Wicca". Some days ago, a review about "...horror and death" was posted in the web page of a local press "El Comercio". It's nice to see that things are happening and there are persons that enjoy the music as we do. We never wanted to play for a limit public or a selected kind of persons. I mean, there are bands that want to be like that and they have their own reasons and it's okay, but Morbid Slaughter it's not like that. It never was and it never will. We started like a very discreet band, because we were in a learning process. How we can talk proud and loud about something with just a demo. I mean yeah it's the demo of your band, it’s your first spittle to the world, but dude, take it easy, it's just a demo. You have a lot of work to do. Now we have a strong idea of what we want and we gonna get it.

 How have your shows been so far? Do you have touring plans for the future? 

We played as the support band at Mortuary Drape show in Lima, and this year we made our first tour with COBRA through some cities in the south of our country. We hope make more shows in more cities of our country, and Yes, we want to tour beyond our boundaries.

What do you think about bands like Mortem and Hadez? Were they a source of inspiration musically or in any other way for Morbid Slaughter?

I like very much both bands. “The Devils speaks in tongues” is one of the best albums that I ever heard in my life, and I like very much “Aquelarre” from Hadez.

Which current bands and past bands are you listening to actually?

Current bands: Watain, Enforcer, Degial, Tribulation, Morbus Chron, Grave Pleasures, Communions (Denmark), No Future.
Past bands: Bathory, Judas Priest, Iron maiden, Dissection, Misfits, Black widow, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Coven, Motorhead, The Doors.

What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you´ve been? 

Myself. Because no one can't see what's inside.

What will be the next steps for the band? Do you have new material ready to be recorded?

Yes. I'm thinking in release a 7" for the next year and then a mini-album before the second album. I had some songs for the second album, but I've forbidden to myself to play or arrange those songs until the time have come. Now we're working in our set list for our coming shows and the next year we will work in the new stuff, at the same time that we promote the album with live shows or things like that.

Thanks for the interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Slay with Steel, horns up!

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