3 January 2015

GRAVEYARD "The Coffin Years"

Spanish band GRAVEYARD are about to release "The Coffin Years" compilation CD via Black Seed Prod. Here goes the tracklist  and a great track to be featured on "The Coffin Years", originally featured on the split 7" with swedish ENTRAILS relesed by War-Anthem Records:
"Into the Mausoleum" [2009 Version]
"One of Them" [2012 Version]
"Cenotaph" [Originally Recorded by BOLT THROWER]
"What Dwells Beneath"
"Deaf Forever" [Originally Recorded by MOTORHEAD]
"The Usurper" [Originally Recorded by CELTIC FROST]
"Ye Incantation"
"Silent Whispers of the Graveless"
"Corporal Jigsore Quandary" [Originally recorded by CARCASS]
"In the Shadow of the Horns" [Originally Recorded by DARKTHRONE]
"Remember the Fallen" [Originally Recorded by SODOM]
"Walking Horrors of the Undead" [Live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2013]
"Blood of Vengeance" [Live at Party San Festival 2013]
"Riding a Pale Horse" [Live at Dark Factory Club 2010]

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