29 September 2014


Canada´s NECROHOLOCAUST are about to release their debut full length after 11 years of blasphemous existence.  Honoring the black and impious tradition of cult gods such as Blasphemy and Beherit, NECROHOLOCAUST attack with “Holocaustic Goat Metal” Worship the Goat…

Hails!, please introduce yourself and the other members of NECROHOLOCAUST and tell us about the beguinning of the band.
B.P.O.W.A.D.-NECROHOLOCAUST 2014 is: Black Plague Of War And Disease - Vocals & Guitars, Grimlord Of Atomic Nuclear Hate - Guitars, Bloodlust Abominator Of Ritual War Incantations - Drums, Goatplague Messiah - Bass. NECROHOLOCAUST was starded by Black Plague Of War And Disease in 2003.
NECROHOLOCAUST is a great name and it is fully descriptive, how did you come up with the name of the band?
It came to me in a dream.  Some have tried to use the name after, but I don´t think they exist anymore
You have played and recorded cover versions of BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, VON, ABHORER, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST…are those bands your musical influence and the ones to blame for the birth of NECROHOLOCAUST?
Yes we have coveered bands that have been an inspiration for NECROHOLOCAUST.
What philosophies and/or ideologies have contributed most significantly to the thematic content of your work?
Every track has the exact same theme, anti-christ, anti-god, anti-religion, the lamb reperesentss the bastard son of god, the goat represents the adversary of christ and we blaspheme that fucker in every single track.
Holocaustic Goat Metal” is your debut full-length soon to be released via Iron Bonehead, how do you describe the sound and style of the album, is it what you call “Goat Metal”?
It is just that "Goat Metal" it is essentially "BEHERIT-SADOGOAT" worship but without totally ripping it off, it is stll NECROHOLOCAUST sound and style, people that listen to NECROHOLOCAUST know what that means.
The band logo was designed by Chris Moyen and the cover artwork was designed by Sickness 666, what do you think about their art? Is it the perfect visual connection to your music?
They have both been friends of NECROHOLOCAUST for many year, many years. I wanted their art on our first full length LP. It´s been 11 years of NECROHOLOCAUST we are honored to have worked with them.
Are you open to use a different kind of art on the future releases? Which album cover is your all time fave and had a great impact on you the first time you saw it?
We just chose art that suits the concept, Iám not a fan of full color art for this band, but we aren´t afraid of trying other ideas as long as it stays true to the Goat Metal ideal. BLASPHEMY´s "Fallen Angel Of Doom" cover, the Goat archer is a classic piece of metal history.
How did you get linked with iron bonehead for the release of the album?
I met Patrick when I was on tour in Europe with MORBOSIDAD, we had remained in contact and released the NECROHOLOCAUST/MANTICORE "Receiving the Unholy Communion" split 7" and got it in time for the first NECROHOLOCAUST european tour which he set up for us.
You are about to be featured on a new split LP “Jesus Fucking Wept Vol I” together with the bands OGDRU JAHAD, NECROBLOOD, WEREGOAT and IMPURE WORSHIP. What can you tell about this release? Which tracks will you include?
This will be released out of Greece on Blastbeat Mail Murder label, all deadly bands, it was an honor to be asked to be includes in this with bands that are friend of ours.  We recorded 2 old tracks, " I will kill For Satan" and "Black War Gestapo" with the current line up, those tracks are still raw and brutal.
You have been releasing almost two split 7” per year, in the past most of the bands used to record at least three or four demos before releasing a full-length.  Do you think that releasing split 7” is a good way to evolve before unleashing the debut full-length?
We don´t do what most bands do or follow a mold of what should be done.  Maybe a formula works for other bands but that is not what NECROHOLOCAUST is all about.  One thing I have learned sense the inception of this this band is that you can´t force anything with NECROHOLOCAUST. Things just Happen as they happen for whatever reason that is the path of the Goat.
Did the release of “Ritual Goat Command ”compilation last year marked the end of an era in the band career? Was it released with that purpose?
Yeah I think so, in a way subconsiously that could be true, it wasnt planned that way but looking back now that could be a fair assumption, releases as now we are at the dawn of releasing our first full lenght LP, which is actually more brutal than all the past releases, but still holds true to my initial concept of the band. It Definatelly is a new era for NECROHOLOCAUST wathever that may entail.
Some people may be still wondering about the title of your split with BAPHOMET HORNS…why “Fuck Norway”?  Your comments…
Myself and PS Christrape of BAPHOMETS HORNS agreed it was a fitting title for our mutual hatred of the joke that "Black Metal" has turned into with it´s "rock star" approach and attitude.  A scene that neither band wanted to be associated with. It was just assurance that both bands would be alienated from any association to that scene. I mean those types of bands are everywhere but they got the model from them.
Do you consider yourself a Satanist, Antichristian or Antireligious?
Personal beliefs or non beliefs are irrelevant.
In your opinion, what would be the most shocking and sublime act of blasphemy?
I don´t know the extermination of all mankind being wiped off teh face of this earth. 
Are there any current bands with which you feel you have a musical, ideological, or aesthetic connection?
You will contribute the track "Revelations of doom" in the upcoming tribute to Hellhammer, [Morbid Hammer prods], what do you think about tribute albums?  If you could release a tribute album would be a tribute to...?  Featuring which bands?
Is that still happening? That track will be featured on the NECROHOLOCAUST/ZYGOATSIS "Annihilation of the Kingdom of God" split 7" That will be out on Morbid Metal Records. The ZYGOATSIS side will feature a cover of HELLHAMMER´s "Messiah".
What do you think about the Canadian scene having this tradition of blasphemous and barbaric bands such as Blasphemy, Conqueror, Revenge, Nuclearhammer…
Tell me your opinion about the following bands: BLASPHEMY, SLAUGHTER, EXCITER, VOIVOD, NUCLEARHAMMER, ANTEDILUVIAN.
There are deadly bands that come out of Canada.
How would you describe your shows? How is the situation concerning gigs after the release of the album?
We will tour Europe again in support of this abomination.
What are your plans and goals for the near future of Necroholocaust?
We will follow the path hat the goat take us as these things are out of our control.
What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you have been?
When NECROHOLOCAUST headlined our first show in Juarez Mexico, it was total chaos.
Thanks for your time, last words are yours…

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