2 August 2014

FETID ZOMBIE - "Grotesque Creation"

Mark Riddick is working on the fifth full-lenght of his solo project FETID ZOMBIE, to be released in 2015.  "Grotesque Creation" will feature guest musician line-up, "...a melange of American talent coupled with the early 90s era pantheon of Greek black metal including: Necromayhem [ROTTING CHRIST], The Magus [NECROMANTIA], Necroabyssious [VARATHRON], Gothmog & El [SOULSKINNER/THOU ART LORD], Vorskaath [ZEMIAL], Nyarlathotep [SWAMP], James Malone [ARSIS], Damian Herring [HORRENDOUS], Craig Horval [CRUCIFIED MORTALS], Toby Knapp [WAXEN], Mike Riddick [YAMATU], and Josh Fleischer [SVIERG]. 

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