19 April 2014

NUNSLAUGHTER "Angelic Dread"

NUNSLAUGHTER will release a double CD/LP entitled "Angelic Dread" through Hell´s Heabangers. The band´s first full-lenght since 2007´s "Hex" will be released on June 24th. Full tracklist reads as follows:
Disc 1: "Angelic Dread"/"Looking Into The Abyss"/"Twisted Spirit"/"Crush The Guff"/"Inner Beast"/"The Lycanthrope"/"Blood Drinker"/"God"/"Doomtown"/"Don't Mourn For Me"/"Infested"/"Coffins And Crosses"/"Three Nails, One Liar"/"One Bad Bitch"/"Death Beyond The Gallows"  Disc 2: "Emperor In Hell"/"God Has Lied"/"The Bog People"/"Midnight Mass"/"Shadow World"/"Healing The Possessed"/"In The Graveyard"/"Ouija"/"It Is I"/"Atheist Ways"/"Phantom"/"Sickened By The Sight Of Christ"/"Black Horn Of The Ram"/"Driving Out The Demons"/"'Deathlehem"/"Cerebus"

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