3 February 2014

...And Death Shall Rise...! [News]

SADISM presents second single from the upcoming album THE OCULARIS DOMINATION. Listen to "The Nonentity" Here https://soundcloud.com/sadism-1/the-nonentity

FDA Rekotz announce the release of the fourth album of Spanish DECAPITATED CHRIST "ARCANE IMPURITY CEREMONIES" will be available on April 11th. The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio, and the Artwork is courtesy of Cesar Valladares!! 

Arcane Impurity Ceremonies Tracklist:
1.- And the Carnage Begins
2.- The One Who Marches Behind the Line
3.- Human-Eating Herd of the Damned
4.- Hell's Everything
5.- Sabbath of the Blind Dead
6.- When War Brings Glory (Cenotaph 666)
7.- Hexenhammer
8.- Those Who Walk Slowly
9.- Ancestral Rites Evoking Primigenium Horrors
Listen to the advance song "Sabbat of The Blind Dead" 

The second full lenght of GRAVEYARD GHOUL "THE LIVING CEMETERY" will be out through Final Gate Records next Feb 20th on CD (LP version availabe in March) Lisen to "Putrid Stench of Death"

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